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Program Design and Management

We design long-term projects and specific programs that are  results-oriented and are sustainable as well as scalable. We specialise in implementation, using pro-active and market-driven methodologies to render the strongest and most scalable results possible in limited time-frames.  
Managing local and international teams we have been able to foster significant entrepreneurial growth and lasting impact.


Publications, Research, & Studies

Publications include the comprehensive 115 page Handicraft Export Guide for Zambia as well as two export guides for Morocco and Tunisia.  BGC can generate sector-wide, country-specific or regional assessments as well as value-chain studies.  BGC completed a Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) research and mapping study for the European Commission focussing on Standards, Certifications and Intellectual Property in the handicrafts sector. We have done numerous value-chain assessments across Africa and MENA.



We offer a full range of consulting services for short or long-term initiatives with a focus on SME development and entrepreneurship. We collaborate with international firms, donor agencies, governments, NGOs or individual companies. BGC's strength is in its market-driven focus and results-oriented philosophy. With over twenty-five years of experience in entrepreneurship development and in the  handicraft value-chain few others offer the depth of experience and knowledge specific to this industry. 


Trade Show Participation & Market Linages

BGC has organized trade show pavilions for emerging SMEs in NY, San Francisco, Atlanta, Japan, Germany, High Point, and Morocco.  Our market linkage programs are customized according to SME needs, size and capacity. Activities include buyer missions,  web-marketing, and in-country or regional expositions. We have an extensive database of international buyers and market opportunities. 


Training and Coaching

BGC designs and implements entrepreneurial training programs employing interactive methodologies as much as possible. We also design follow-up coaching and mentoring programs to support entrepreneurs during the difficult stages of business growth and transition once the formal training has ended. Coaching can be in-person or virtual. Topics include costing and pricing, marketing, branding, intellectual property Issues, trade and export readiness, agency management, environmental compliance, product design, and more. 


Product Design & Development

BGC's market-driven approach to product development has strong sales results. BGC takes into consideration costing/pricing, procurement challenges, shipping constraints, environmental complicance, and international standards as well as target market trends when working with production companies on product development. Many collections we developed 20 years ago are still selling today. 

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Effective branding is important for companies as well as for whole sectors. BGC helps individual companies strategize on their brand and market presence as well as working with country teams to develop a country-wide brand strategy that will have the greatest market impact.
ArficaNow brand was developed while at the USAID West Africa Trade Hub and was very successful in creating brand awareness for the region. 

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